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4 C's and Your Diamond Necklace

Use the 4 C's to help you find the perfect diamond necklace!

A stunning diamond necklace can flow perfectly with a fabulous outfit, tie together an eclectic ensemble and even bring to life the most boring attire. Whether looking for the perfect accessory to add to your collection or purchasing a gift for someone you love, let us guide you through some of the most important characteristics of a diamond necklace. The four C’s of diamonds as well as current trends, individual styles and fashion are just a few examples of factors to consider when purchasing a new diamond necklace.

When it comes to shopping for a diamond necklace to gift or wear, it is necessary to know the four C's of diamonds. The four C's stand for clarity, carats, color and cut and they are a universal standard of assessing, appraising and describing a diamond. Each of the four C's has its own quality grading scale. For example, Carats actually measures the weight not the size of the diamond. Diamonds that may appear the same in size may have a different carat weight and thus have a significant price difference. The Color scale helps break down the colors of a diamond. The more colorless the diamond, the more rare and expensive it is; and the more yellow, brown or grey the less rare and expensive. The Clarity grade measures imperfections that are present on or inside the diamond and they range on the scale from F (flawless) to three levels of I (included imperfections).

The fourth C of a diamond is the Cut. As the jewelry industry evolved and developed, the cut of the diamond has become the most prominent and important value factor. If the 4 C's of diamonds were to be rated from most important to least then the Cut would come first, Color would come second and Clarity would fall last. The Cut is the most important factor in the diamond's reflection of light and its sparkle.

The four C’s can be used to choose the right jewelry for an individual’s needs and budget. However, when choosing a diamond necklace as a gift for yourself or a loved one it is perhaps just as important to know the individual diamond preferences, especially when it comes to cut and color. In fact, color accents have become quite popular in recent years. Brown, black, yellow and grey diamonds are trendy and gaining in value.

In conclusion, while shopping online for a diamond necklace can help narrow down your selection, it is always a good idea to visit a jewelry store in person. Make a decision based on the four C’s of a diamond and the personal style and preference of the individual you are shopping for.


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